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Employment Law

Today’s employment environment is one where employers must ensure that they have in place practices, policies and procedures whereby employment and labor disputes can be minimized. Post Polak engages in the “front line” end of employment law practice by advising employers on those practices, policies and procedures that make litigation less likely. But, if a dispute should arise notwithstanding the best efforts to avoid litigation, Post Polak’s employment litigators have the experience and background needed to properly present and protect our clients’ rights in employment or labor disputes.

In addition to regularly advising our business clients on employment practices and in the drafting of policies and procedures, employee handbooks and employment contracts, Post Polak’s employment litigators have substantial experience in representing both employers and business executives in federal and state courts, before federal and state regulatory entities in New Jersey, and in arbitration and mediation forums. These cases typically involve defense of claims premised on allegations of breach of contract, discrimination and/or harassment based on race, gender, religion, ethnicity, age, marital status and sexual orientation, and whistleblower status.

We also have extensive experience in handling claims of employee breaches of restrictive covenants and confidentiality agreements, as well as actions involving unfair competition, duty of loyalty and misappropriation of trade secrets. It is always our goal to develop and maintain long-term, beneficial relationships with the businesses and businesspeople whom we represent and to get to know how our clients’ businesses work in order to render the best legal advice we can in matters that affect them. In that regard, it is no coincidence that many of the same Post Polak attorneys who handle commercial and corporate litigation or even governmental entity matters, also engage significantly in our employment practice. The fact that many areas of commercial litigation overlap with employment litigation, such as in cases of unfair competition or trade secret violations by former employees of a client, make it all the more important that we are fully familiar with “the larger practice” in the case of each and every client.